Should You Clean Up Before The Cleaner Comes?

Should You Clean Up Before The Cleaner Comes?

People think it’s hilarious when I say I have to clean up for the cleaners. So should you clean up for your cleaner? The answer to this has to be ‘No’! But if the question was “Should you tidy up for your cleaner,” then the answer is most definitely yes.

Essentially, I believe you pay a cleaner to clean and not to tidy up. You will get a lot more for your money if your cleaner can get in and actually clean, rather than putting toys away or picking up clothes from the floor.

The only exception to this rule is if you don’t clean at all in between your cleaning visits. Whilst not cleaning your home in between weekly visits is fine, for fortnightly, monthly or longer gaps without cleaning, you should expect to pay for more time from your cleaner to get on top of the weeks of dirt and grime that have accumulated.

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Top 5 Things to do to get the Best from Your Cleaning Time

  1. Put away toys, pick up clothes generally get everything off the floor and make sure the clutter is cleared.
  2. Make sure your dirty dishes are washed and put away – the great majority of cleaners do not wash dishes as standard, and from a cleaning point of view, dirty dishes can prevent a cleaner getting to the sink to clean and sanitize it. And will ruin the look of a finished kitchen when you walk through the door.
  3. If you are providing the cleaning materials always ensure there is enough cleaning solutions and materials. Keep your vacuum cleaner in good working order, emptying the bag and doing any regular maintenance and make sure you regularly buy new mop heads and cleaning cloths.
  4. Agree beforehand with the cleaner/business what tasks are to be done in the home. If the home is large, or you have spare rooms that are not regularly used, draw up a cleaning schedule, (or a business will do that for you). Decide what tasks will be done on what visit, be specific in your needs and your expectations. You could of course have a deep clean on every visit but it probably isn’t necessary
  5. There are certain things you can’t expect your cleaner to do – like take out the rubbish, sort out your recycling, put your clothes away, clean your outside windows etc. If you need help with extra tasks, by all means ask the cleaner/business if it something they would be willing to do or if they have a service they could recommend. Be prepared however, to pay extra for the additional services that goes above and beyond the cleaners’ standard clean.

Here at Mrs Mopp this is what to expect from one of our Standard Cleans. Do get in touch if we can help you and thanks for reading.

Mrs Mopp x

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