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1.0 Mrs Mopp Cleaning Services (UK) Ltd and Mrs Mopp Cleaning Services (Shrewsbury) Ltd – (Also referred to as Mrs Mopp or MM) agrees to perform domestic cleaning works as specified in our “standard cleans” and “domestic deep clean” task sheets, or as put in writing to the client prior to the commencement of cleaning works via email and within the client communication diary

1.1 Should any additional cleaning works be carried out or requested, above and beyond our cleaning agreed and usual task sheets, the extra tasks may be charged for separately, depending on additional works required

1.2 Any additional works/costs/details of clean/client communication will be sent in an email to the client prior to the commencement of extra duties and/or tasks and will also be recorded on the client record on our cloud-based CRM system

1.3 This contract is made between Mrs Mopp and the homeowner/tenant of the domestic property quoted, herein known as the “client”

1.4 This document, (Terms of Service) represents a contract between Mrs Mopp and the domestic client and is legally binding. The client has received this document 3 times – 1 x on enquiry for information, 1 x attached to quote, 1 x hard copy in the client communication diary.

1.5 The Terms of Service are deemed as accepted and understood by the client once instruction is given to clean a home verbally, by email or in person, and/or a key is accepted by Mrs Mopp for the client property, and/or by booking any Mrs Mopp services in any medium, including but not limited to, our house visit quotation, telephone, e-mail, social media, the Mrs Mopp app or written letter

1.6 This document is sent attached to all quote requests, is sent again upon acceptance of the service, is on our website and is in hard copy inside our client communication diaries

Our costs

2.0 The rate for the Mrs Mopp regular domestic cleaning service is as detailed on the written/emailed quotation supplied to the client after the initial home visit and is in relation to the property quoted only.

2.1 The cleaning charge rate will be reviewed annually and may be increased in relation to the changes of law with regards to minimum wage/pensions and inflation etc.

2.2 Business costs will be reviewed annually to ensure Mrs Mopp is in keeping with changes within the economy and within the local competitive market

2.3 Any changes/increases to client charge rates will take effect 1st April every year. Notice will be given in March.

2.4 If a domestic clean is situated more than 10 miles away from our office postal address, the additional mileage, over 10 miles, will be charged at £0.25 per mile to the client to cover Moppette travelling costs, the first 10 miles are paid by Mrs Mopp

2.5 Our rate for a domestic deep cleans is £35.00 per hour within a 10-mile radius of our offices. Our regular domestic clients can enjoy a rate of £30.00 per hour for the deep clean service – Over 10 miles will be charged at £0.25 per mile

2.6 The cleaning charge rate for a one-off standard clean will differ from our standard pricing and will be priced on application.

2.7 Mrs Mopp may, from time-to-time, run special offers for domestic cleaning services through our website, and/or our Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/other social profiles or App that may alter slightly from our standard prices. Please be aware these promotional prices are for a short time period only and come with their own terms and conditions attached and cannot be used in conjunction with any other service or offer

2.8 VAT is charged on all prices at the rate of 20% – this is a government tax and is non-negotiable

The Service

3.0 Mrs Mopp employs, vets and references all individuals for their suitability to clean domestic dwellings. Mrs Mopp is responsible for all employees PAYE, National Insurance, pension contributions and all training and insurances. Mrs Mopp is not an agency and we do not sub-contractor/ self-employed cleaners

3.1 All cleaners work in teams of two unless a single cleaner has been arranged with the client in advance, and/or it is deemed more suitable to the client and/or the properties needs. Mrs Mopp uses teams of two cleaners for several reasons; lifting, health & safety, lone worker rights, and to limit interruptions to our client’s service due to sickness/holiday of 1 Moppette

3.2 All deep cleans are teams of two or three, this is non-negotiable

3.2 It is the duty of Mrs Mopp to introduce only reliable, trained and trustworthy domestic cleaners into our client’s homes and every possible step of vetting, referencing and training is applied to all employees

3.2 Mrs Mopp does not guarantee the same cleaner/Moppette/team for every service – due to business needs, training, sickness, holiday and/or changes to the team and/or Moppette hours, however, Mrs Mopp does guarantee that all Moppettes have been trained, vetted and on-boarded into the business in the same manner and all Moppettes are employed and insured by Mrs Mopp

3.3 While Mrs Mopp takes every care in obtaining and checking references, vetting and interviewing potential cleaning applicants, the Client is strongly advised to satisfy themselves with the suitability of their cleaner too – if the client is not happy with their “Moppette” or their “Moppette Team” please report it to our offices ASAP and we will replace your team or cleaner

3.4 We employ all our cleaners directly. We do not use agencies or self-employed cleaners.

3.5 Mrs Mopp will provide a replacement cleaning team/cleaner in the event of a Moppette being absent due to holiday/sickness and/or changes in hours.

3.6 If the Client’s regular cleaning team/cleaner is not available, due to illness or holiday or termination/resignation of employment, a new cleaner/cleaning team will be sent to the clean. The new team will be introduced by the OM/supervisor to the home, the tasks and the communication diary, along with a quality check at the end of the service to ensure a smooth transition

3.7 Clients must reasonably accept that staffing matters are sometimes beyond the control of Mrs Mopp, and to not interrupt the clients cleaning service Mrs Mopp will always offer to send a different cleaner/team before any other further measures such as cancellation.

3.8 Our cleaners/cleaning teams work Monday to Friday and do not work Bank Holidays or weekends, unless specifically arranged and agreed to by our office.

3.9 Mrs Mopp has a one-week full shut down over the Christmas period. Dates are given in our October newsletter

3.10 Mrs Mopp is responsible for providing trained cleaning operatives, a cleaning schedule for the property, and cleaning materials (if stipulated at booking of service).

3.11 Mrs Mopp does not supply vacuum cleaners and/or mops and buckets, when attending a regular cleaning service, to avoid cross contamination in homes. If a client cannot provide a vacuum cleaner or mop, they must inform our offices 24 hours prior to the start of their cleaning service so that Mrs Mopp may arrange for a vacuum to be delivered onsite.

3.12 Clients must take all reasonable responsibility in providing an efficient, safe and fully working cleaning equipment such as vacuum/steam mops etc. If the device is not in full working order, the result from the cleaning may not be 100% successful and in this event, Mrs Mopp will not be held responsible for subpar cleaning and will offer no refund, correction, discount or free clean (against the 24hr guarantee) will be given

3.13 If the client chooses to use their own cleaning products, no liability, whatsoever, will be accepted for any damage up to and not limited to: damage/discolouration/staining/scratching/smears to any type of service/flooring/walls etc. within the home as we have not tested the products and do not hold the COSHH information for5 said products

3.14 Minimum Cleaning Requirements with Mrs Mopp:

  • 2 hours minimum for regular cleaning – weekly
  • 2 hours minimum for regular cleaning – fortnightly,
  • 3 hours minimum for regular cleaning – monthly
  • 3 hours minimum for one-off or spring cleaning/end if tenancy/deep cleans.

3.15 The Client may cancel/skip a cleaning visit free of charge by giving 24 hours or more notice to our offices. If a 24-hour notice is not received by Mrs Mopp will charge the client 50% of their cleaning cost to cover administration costs and Moppette time.

3.16 Should Mrs Mopp cancel a client clean, for whatever reason, without 24 hour’s notice, (or without offering the client another Moppette or time slot), the client will be compensated with a 50% discount against one of their standard cleans, on the following months invoice

3.17 Should Mrs Mopp offer the client a different Moppette/time slot/day slot or any other solution to avoid cancelling the clean then 20% discount is the maximum discount that will be given against one clean on the clients invoice as goodwill for the inconvenience – Mrs Mopp will always endeavour to offer the client an alternative cleaner/team and/or day or time – our obligation is to provide a premier cleaning service not specific staff and/or times.

3.18 The Client may terminate their regular cleaning service, at any time, by giving one-week notice specifying their last clean date by email or letter – telephone calls and/or text messages and/or social media messages are not accepted as a form of cancellation and the client may still be charged a cancellation fee (50% of charge rate) or a ‘lockout’ charge (100% of charge rate), until the client addresses the termination of their cleaning service by writing or email. All emails must have a proof of sent status to be viable.

3.19 If the client is unhappy with any area of their cleaning service it must be reported to the office, to the domestic operations manager and/or domestic supervisor/team leader within 24 hours of the clean taking place so that we may have the opportunity to remedy the situation.

3.20 The client must allow reasonable access to the property to remedy the clean if it is within working hours if there is to be a re-do of any cleaning works

3.21 Any client calls about the clean standard after the 24hr period will not be eligible to our cleaning guarantee or to have works corrected free of charge, and/or receiving any form of discount due to, and not restricted to, the nature of dust settling and/or people using the room/property/space etc.

3.22 Any calls about damage and/or breakages to any area of a client’s domestic property must be reported within 24 hours of the clean taking place and must be proven by the client. As per 3.21, any calls outside of 24 hours will not be eligible for further investigation by Mrs Mopp. The client must provide photographic/video evidence.

3.23 Should the client not be home when arranged, forget to leave a key, and/or change locks, and/or send the cleaner away without informing our offices they did not want a clean etc., the client will be charged the full cost of their standard clean for “lock-out” to compensate the cleaner and pay administration costs

Our Cleaners

4.1 We have a thorough vetting system for all cleaners, aka, “Moppettes”. All applicants are interviewed over the telephone and second interviewed at our office to ensure their suitability for the role. All applicants, successful at interview, are taken on a trial clean within one of our training houses.

4.2 All cleaners are placed on a 16-week probationary period

4.3 All cleaners are given full housekeeping training, COSHH and Health and Safety training that is on-going

4.4 Mrs Mopp requires cleaners to provide us with verifiable photographic proof of identity, proof of address and references spanning their previous 5-year work history.

4.5 Our cleaners are employed directly by Mrs Mopp

Cleaning Services

5.1 All cleaners are not permitted, by their own contracts, to work for, approach for work, and/or charge any monies etc., to the clients of Mrs Mopp, while either still employed by Mrs Mopp and/or after their employment with Mrs Mopp has been terminated for a minimum of a 3 month period from end of employment.

5.2 The clients of Mrs Mopp are not permitted to approach the Moppettes/cleaners to work for them outside of their commitment to their Mrs Mopp contract for the duration of the cleaner’s employment and/or for 3 calendar months after termination from the business.

5.3 If Mrs Mopp becomes aware that a cleaner and/or client has gone against our employment contracts and/or our terms of service; legal proceeding will, without doubt, will be instigated with both parties by Mrs Mopp for breach of contract and loss of earnings to the full extent of the law with both parties.

5.4 Our Moppettes/cleaners complete weekly timesheets for all hours worked. We have a full record of every clean. It is a gross misconduct offence for Moppettes to claim for hours not worked.

5.5 Clients must take all reasonable care for the safety of our cleaners within their domestic abode with, and not limited to, bolted in fireplaces/bookcases, shower screens, wardrobes and fixtures etc. and must inform Mrs Mopp in advance if we are to act in a certain manner with an object/area of the home. No claims of damage or breakage will be accepted if it is found a client did not inform Mrs Mopp of a safety issue

5.6 Should a client have an area that is not 100% safe or requires for us to act a certain way with the object, we may refuse to clean in that area if we feel it compromises the safety of our staff

5.7 All of our cleaners live in the local area to the clean

5.8 All of our cleaners sign a confidentiality agreement and non-disclosure agreement for all information they hold, know, see and/or are privy too

5.9 All of our cleaners sign a social media confidentiality agreement that is held on file to protect the clients and business of Mrs Mopp

5.10 The client understands that the price and service quoted in not a “package deal” and does not include any other works apart from what is detailed in the quote email and communication diary unless otherwise agreed and placed in writing

5.12 Our cleaners are happy to move furniture if in a team of 2, however, any furniture to be moved must be discussed during quotation and/or with our offices to determine what is to be moved and how.

5.13 All fragile and highly breakable items must be secured and/or removed as must expensive and high-value items – high value/fragile items should be disclosed during the home visit by the client so it may be noted on our systems, if a client does not declare a high-value item (0ver £150), as with point 5.7 no responsibility will be taken by Mrs Mopp for any claims of damage/breakage whatsoever

Fees and Payment

6.0 All invoices are sent out on the 25th of every month and are due to be paid no later than the 1st day of the next month.

6.1 All domestic deep cleans and/or one-off standard cleans will be invoiced and are payable immediately

6.2 Should a client be late in paying their invoice they will receive a reminder one week after the due date of the invoice

6.3 After the first reminder email there are 3 more emails in our debt collection process before we refer the case legal – please note a clients cleaning service will be put on stop and/or late charges and/or interest may be added

6.4 Should we refer a non-payment case to our legal team, recovery and administration costs of £80.00 will be added per invoice as well as a daily interest on the debt of 4%, and possible legal costs until the account is brought up to date. Mrs Mopp will seek a County Court judgement in the small claims court if necessary

6.5 Mrs Mopp will not be liable under any circumstances for any loss, damage, delay, costs, discounts and/or compensation (whether direct, indirect or consequential) which may be suffered or incurred by the client if the client has an outstanding balance aged 30 days or more from the date payment was due

6.5 Mrs Mopp reserves the right to cancel a cleaning service with immediate effect due to continual non payment, violence, extreme harassment or intimidating behaviours by a client towards any member of the Mrs Mopp team


7.0 Mrs Mopp insures all domestic cleaning works it undertakes and all of its employees. The companies’ public liability insurance covers damages caused by a cleaning operative working on behalf of Mrs Mopp. All claims are subject to £150 excess charge to the client if the claim is proven

7.1 The Client must prove the damage they are claiming with time stamped video and/or photographs

7.2 The client must report any damage/destruction/breakage within 24 hours of the cleaning service taking place for the claim to be valid

7.3 Mrs Mopp will not accept any liability for any high-value and/or unsafe items not declared during the home visit and/or prior to cleaning services starting


8.0 Clients are not to record either the motion and/or voice of any of Mrs Mopp staff without informing our offices of all and any cameras and/or microphones, and their placement and position, within the client’s home

8.1 All emails, telephone calls, notes and/or any other communication shared between our client and the Mrs Mopp office/cleaners/managers etc., is recorded on our internal computer systems and, where necessary, in hard copy of the client file, this is to protect all parties – all data is kept on encrypted cloud-based systems only accessible by the management and/or in a locked filing cabinet, in a locked office, only accessible by the manager.

8.2 Each client will receive one stamp on their Mrs Mopp loyalty card/app if their referred friend/family/colleague becomes a regular client (fortnightly/weekly service) with Mrs Mopp and/or uses Mrs Mopp for a 3 hour + deep clean service – when a client recommends a friend, for example, and they become a client of Mrs Mopp, we will give our client a £10 “love to shop” voucher one month after the new service starting. When our client receives 5 stamps/gives 5 successful recommends they are entitled to a free 4 hour deep clean or a free oven clean as a token of our gratitude and thanks

8.3 The provisions of this contract and terms of service are not intended to confer any benefit upon third parties and the provisions of contracts (Rights of third parties) Act 1999, are hereby expressly excluded from this agreement

8.4 These terms are governed by the laws of England and Wales, and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales

8.5 Mrs Mopp reserves the right to make any changes to any part of these Terms and Conditions at any time

8.6 Mrs Mopp has full privacy and disclaimers policys available on our website and in hard copy at request. Mrs Mopp is GDPR compliant with policies in place to protect all data and information we hold





Reg office: Unit 42, Business Development Centre, Stafford Park 4, Telford, TF3 3BA