Why use a cleaning Service?

Need to justify a cleaning service to your spouse, partner, flat mate or office manager? Then here are 3 really good reasons why hiring a cleaning service is a good idea…

1) A healthier home or office – Did you know that germs that cause cold and flu viruses can live on hard surfaces for up to 72 hours? Or that children can touch and re-touch a surface up to 300 times a day spreading germs as they go?

Having a cleaning service in your home or office will ensure all surfaces are clean and sanitised, particularly in the bathroom/kitchen, which are typically your high traffic areas and are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria.

A healthy clean home or office means less sick days taken by family members or staff… reason alone eh?

2) Save Money – Keeping items within your home or office maintained such as the carpets and upholstery or the lime scale under control on taps or shower screens, for example, will not only make them look brighter, cleaner and give a professional image but it will make them last longer too, saving the need for replacements.

If you employ a cleaning business that supplies the products for the cleans within their pricing this will also save money in your home or business as their will no longer be the need to stock and buy products

Still not convinced?

3) Save Time – So when does your cleaning or ironing happen? A bit each evening? It takes up your whole weekend? The 12th of never?

One of the greatest reasons to use a cleaning service is the time it gives you back in your life as “quality time”. For what is typically the cost of a takeaway you could have your home cleaned from top to bottom or your ironing pile taken away and brought back to you hung and folded or your office left immaculate and ready to invite in clients or future prospects; this in turn gives you time to take the kids to the park, read a book, do a crossword, go out for a long lunch, use the gym membership you say you’re too busy for, take a stroll, visit friends.. the list goes on

If the idea of less days being sick, money in your pocket and time to do as you please appeals to you, then maybe its time to start looking for outside help within your home or business?


In our next blog post we will be looking at the options of cleaning services available and the pros and cons of each to help you when making this decision

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